THE TV WATCH; No Simple Rules For Dealing With Death

By | 12.07.2019

What will become of John Ritter-less 8 Simple Rules? Kann ich mich auch ohne Facebook anmelden?

Can the show deal with the death of one of its characters? “8 Simple Rules” was estially “The John Ritter Show.” And now it's going to be “The Katey Sagal Show,” or something akin. to keep “8 Simple Rules” in production does a disservice to Ritter's legacy is probably less important than the lesson. The network says it will resume production of '8 Simple Rules' despite the death despite the unexpected death Thursday of its star, John Ritter. So it will be a different show, a show that will be telling a very important story.

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Katey Sagal introduces one of John Ritter's final "8 Simple Rules" episodes

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John Ritters last ever television scene 8 Simple Rules Season 2 Episode 3 ending


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