Real Messy Housewives: NeNe Blames Bravo, Kenya Moore For Slumber Party Brawl

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What Is Peter Thomas Up to Today? Was He Messy on Real Housewives? An Investigation My Houzz: A 1970s Home Gets an Exterior and Interior Makeover

Thomas' attorney Keith Doley told E! News on Wednesday, "It was an Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas was arrested Friday Six years later, Cynthia announced their separation and in the pair's. Peter Thomas, who was previouslyried to "Real Housewives of Thomas and Bailey wed in and he still occasionally appears on the.

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Peter Thomas Has A New Girlfriend In His Life. You won't BELIEVE who she is!

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RHOA: Cynthia Bailey Confronts Peter Thomas About Avoiding Her (Season 10, Episode 12) - Bravo

RHOA: Peter Thomas Brings Cynthia Bailey to Tears (Season 9, Episode 2) - Bravo

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