Dumb things in Fear The Walking Dead no one brings up

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What Fear The Walking Dead Got Right — And What It Got Really, Really Wrong Carmen Villalobos posa en diminuto bikini y desata la polémica por sospechoso detalle Now that the first season of Fear the Walking Dead is over, it's time to look back. apocalypse, and then when things start to get interesting, skips right over it. The third episode ends with zombies starting to get bad, and then the fourth He claims he can see that the army is really up to no good, but he only thinks that way. First, it's rehashing a lot of what The Walking Dead has already done. The zombie plague just isn't the interesting part, really. I'm not going to say that Fear the Walking Dead is full of terrible characters, as I do like many of them. was over in about two episodes, with almost all the bad guys dead.

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Fans React To Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7: "The Wrong Side Of Where You Are Now"

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Fear the Walking Dead Timeline Explained!


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