If someone says you are one of a kind what does that mean?

By | 30.06.2019

What does it mean when a guy says you are one of a kind? Small Frame 1911s - Rock Island and Browning!

If he said it's a good thing then that's ok! In this case it was a compliment and take it as such, but it can also be derogatory. "Sometimes one personnotice a special or unique quality and So how do you know if someone sees you as someone special "If a person forgets your name after the first introduction, it means they are not interested," she says. . Although it's kind of hard to tell what someone really thinks of you.

When a guy says you re awesome

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When a guy says you are amazing what does it mean

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When a guy calls you special

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What Guys Say vs What They Mean

What A Guy Really Means When He Say I Really Like You.


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