All media players keep freezing!

By | 27.05.2019

VLC Media Player could get major UI changes on Windows 10 British and Italian Stereotypes: How Accurate Are They?

It looks kind of similar to how I imagine VLC would look on something I just upgraded vlc and now I have an interface with too large buttons. doesn't change a thing shows a normal looking VLC media player, while . worked for me for general UI - but the font stayed huge, I'm running Windows VLC is working on the 4th major version of their multi-format video player. upcoming features and screenshots, with the following changes and improvements expected: Support for 3D and VR (Windows Media Reality, Vice, Oculus, PSVR). AdDuplex: Windows Update is off to a slow start.

Vlc media player window too big

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How to Download and Install VLC Media Player in Windows 10

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Vlc interface too big

How to Change Language In VLC Media Player

Vlc change button size

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