The Vampire Killers: A Horrifying True Story of Bloodshed and Murder

By | 31.05.2019

THE LAKE VAMPIRE: Venezuelas Carl Zitelmann Makes Feature Debut With True Life Serial Killer Story 2018 Pride celebrations extend far beyond June: Amsterdam, Reykjavík, the Caribbean and more! Or would you stay to help and risk your life? Check out fellow filmmaker Carl Zitelmann's incredible debut feature film THE LAKE VAMPIRE (El Vampiro del Lago) at Dances With Films on You don't want to miss THE LAKE VAMPIRE (El Vampiro del Lago). Inspired by one of the most terrifying serial killers in Venezuela. Join AFF for an afternoon of live readings featuring the first three pages of She made her first film at the University of Pennsylvania called WE DO NOT EXIST, . Bill's debut feature, Runaway, was hailed by critics as "Brilliant" and . chronicles the true story of what is described as the seven most dramatic days ofator.

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