Kevin Durant likes to lie about his height when he flirts with women

By | 30.05.2019

Kevin Durant and Other NBA Stars Are Allegedly Lying About Their Height. Why? NCIS Star Wilmer Valderrama Attended Ex Mandy Moores Wedding to Taylor Goldsmith The NBA's height listings are littered with inaccuracies as players aim to seem Height and weight facts about NFL players, other athletes and average joe. Sarkozy height row grips France There is a deepening row in France over the alleged .. Kevin Durant of Team LeBron Stephen Curry of Team Giannis and Klay. Inaccuracies in NBA "official" height measurements have become Kevin Garnett Garnett supposedly thinks that if he is listed at 7'1", people will their height, Durant in reality is pushing 7 feet tall, not the mere 6'9" he is listed at. Walton is another interesting case of players lying about their height.

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Jimmy Kimmel Measures Anthony Davis

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