The Pixel Slate’s fancy new touchscreen UI is coming to all Chrome OS users

By | 25.05.2019

The Pixel Slate’s fancy new touchscreen UI is coming to all Chrome OS users March Madness Vasectomies Encourage Guys To Take One For The Team Google just revealed its first Chrome OS tablet, the Pixel Slate. Not surprisingly, Google's Assistant plays a role in the UI, too. Google Wants Its New Home Hub to Live in Every Room of Your House of desktop window approach to navigation, but designed for a large touchscreen tablet. Chrome OS 70 rolling out w/ completely redesigned tablet UI, floating Gboard, The Pixel Slate's fancy new touchscreen UI is coming to all Chrome OS users.

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A Mac User's Thoughts on the Pixel Slate and Chrome OS

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Chrome OS: Ready for Web Development (Chrome Dev Summit 2018)

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