New Couple Alert! Lexy Panterra, 27, Dating New Boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham, 19!

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New Couple Alert? Chloë Grace Moretz Kisses Playboy Model Can special basketball shoes really make you jump higher? Hot new couple alert! Chloe Grace Moretz has a new romance in her life and it's with a woman! The actress was photographed kissing Playboy model Kate Harrison after a dinner date in Malibu on Monday, and rumor has. OMGChloë Grace Moretz Is Spotted Smooching Model Kate Harrison After Playboy model Kate Harrison in Malibu recently, we'd say Chloë and her ex are . David Beckham Kisses Daughter On The Lips In New Pic And People Are Pissed About It . RIP Love These Celebrity Couples Broke Up In

Chloe moretz

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Chloe Grace Moretz Spotted Kissing Model Kate Harrison After Malibu Dinner Date - Access

Kate harrison

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