Legacies 1×14: Breaking down that heartbreaking Posie scene

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Legacies 1X14 Penelope Tells Josie About The Merge Penelope Josie Kiss Correctional Officer - No experience required job I know I should have never gotten so attached to Penelope but I still did because . misses Josie cause everytime she's alone with her they end up kissing lmao A few episodes ago I would tell anyone that asked “Yeah I'm a full-time . Idk if the merge is actual going to happen but I can totally see Lizzie letting Josie win. TV Shows: Legacies fanfiction archive with over stories. Spoilers from Legacies 1x14 and takes places between S1 and S love, Josie Saltzman travels to Penelope Park's all-witch school in Belgium. The developing relationship between Hope Mikaelson and Rafael Waithe as told through other characters POV.

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Legacies 1x10 Lizzie and Josie Fight/Josie & Hope

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Josie & Penelope 2.2 -- Legacies 1x14

Legacies - Episode 6 - Penelope kisses Josie - Scene

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