50 Cent Claps Back at Troll Who Mentioned His Oldest Son on Easter

By | 26.05.2019

50 Cents First Son Is Open To Reconciliation! Big Sean Disses Naya Rivera in New Single, Thanks God for Girlfriend Ariana Grande 50 Cent and his eldest son,quise Jackson with ex Shaniqua Tompkins, certainly However,quise is still open to working on things. In Buck's case, after tensions with 50 Cent, he was kicked out of the . I just really want them to understand, for the most part, that nothing happens overnight first and foremost. Are you going to open up about reconciling with 50? That'll be the next mixtape, and that'll be done with DJ Whoo Kid as well.

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Ashanti Gets Uncut About Reconciliation W/ Nelly, Ja Rule, & Being A Pacquiao Fan

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