Video: John Cena Blocks People IRL in Hilarious College Humor Skit

By | 28.05.2019

5 Saddest College Humor Videos Enjoy These Sweet and Refreshing Hibiscus Tea Twists load more comments . I didn't realize the Pete Holmes Batman videos were College Humor branded, I just figured they were from his show. I was so sad when Amir revealed that these were fake. Jake and Amir is an American comedy duo made up of podcasters and former CollegeHumor Eventually, however, the videos gained such popularity that CollegeHumor began paying them to make the videos for . Twelve years ago I was depressed and lonely and sad in college, and that's how I found CollegeHumor.

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Evidenziare i tuoi messaggi in chat per farli leggere prima. Brilliant dialogues, that are there throughout the series, but what makes it more special this time is the situation. his ability to provide. This funny, actionable talk is a must-watch.

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